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Project Description
These are reports for MS SQL Management Studio and MS SQL Reporting Services for creation of database documentation with the use of descriptions from Extended Properties.
Reports contain the detailed information on tables, views and stored procedures etc. Use of reports engine allows exporting generated reports into Excel, Word, PDF etc. formats easily.

Versions supported:
SQL Server Management Studio 2005/2008 and SQL Server Reporting Services 2005/2008

Use these reports if you want to:
  • Quick view/print information about database’s objects in Management Studio or Reporting Services.
  • Create database documentation for your project in Word/Excel/PDF-format using export from these reports.
  • Use reports in Reporting Services as a web site where database structure should always be up-to-date.

The following features are available in this version (DbDocReports, version 0.9 Beta):
  1. Database Objects Report - common information about database objects (their amount and detailed list). By selecting one of the objects you will see corresponding detailed report.
  2. Table Details Report - detail table information:
    1. Table Description.
    2. Columns’ names, types, length, nullable attribute.
    3. Constraints description.
    4. Index description.
    5. Tables which are referenced by foreign key.
  3. View Details Report - detail view information:
    1. View Description.
    2. Columns’ names, type, length.
    3. Definition of a view
  4. Stored Procedure Details Report - detailed stored procedure’s information:
    1. Stored procedure description.
    2. Parameters’ name, type, length.
    3. Definition of a stored procedure.

Sample reports
CodePlex - SSMS - main report.gif

CodePlex - SSMS - Table Report 1-2.gif

Additional: Procedures for simplification of documenting of database objects.
For convenient manipulation of "MS Description" property for database objects documentation from TSQL you can user procedures from SQL script sp_addDescXXX_install.sql.
Current release contains sp-procedures for the following objects:
  • Table (columns, constraints, indexes);
  • Views (columns) ;
  • Functions (parameters) ;
  • Procedures (parameters) ;
These procedures add declaration to your objects or update if they already exist. It was done to simplify the usage of complex constructions like spaddextendedproperty/spupdateextendedproperty:
CodePlex - sp_addDescXXX_install - 1.gif
I.e. instead of spXXXextendedproperty_ you can use:
CodePlex - sp_addDescXXX_install - 2.gif

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